The Hunar Foundation USA aims to tackle rising poverty and unemployment levels in Pakistan. The overarching mission of The Hunar Foundation USA is to help close the skills gap amongst the young adults in Pakistan by providing internationally accredited vocational training for men and women with a particular emphasis on women’s empowerment for women from low-income families.

Our Vision 
A Skilled Pakistan
Creating a new cadre of skilled Pakistanis with internationally recognized technical qualifications, opening up a new world of opportunities.
Core Values

Excellence: Commitment to achieve goals through the high standards of technical skills being offered.

  • Teamwork: Develop an understanding of the significance of teamwork that includes principles of tolerance, respect and joint effort.
  • Productive: An individual and group member through open communication be productive.
  • Accountability: Taking ownership of the task until completion and have the ability to accept responsibility.
  • Quality Time: Taking pride to aim and excel in all aspects of work and training.
  • Honesty: Nurture an environment that places high value on honesty, mutual respect and selflessness in all aspects of student work and working life.
  • Health and Safety: Nurture an environment that recognizes high standards of Heath (hygiene and cleanliness) and Safety at the workplace and personal lives.
  • Above All:  Punctuality, reliability, respect for other’s property and a positive attitude.