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Work Placement


Graduates economically engaged


Opted to pursue higher studies

The Hunar Foundation places great emphasis on job placement assistance. It recognizes the need for job placement in a difficult environment like Pakistan, where having the necessary skills, knowledge of the job market, and confidence in conducting oneself is essential. THF maintains a robust Industrial Linkage Department to assist students in job placement after their graduation. It stays in touch with graduates after they graduate from the institute and discusses various employment opportunities available locally and abroad.

The office provides the following job placement services:

  • Regular job fairs at institutes where industries and companies come to recruit our students.
  • Information on job opportunities available.
  • Individualized job placement assistance.
  • Resume’s, cover letters, interviewing skills and how and where to conduct job searches.

A Hunar representative calls them periodically to take an update about their current state of employment. In case they are out of a job, the Job Placement Department actively seeks out opportunities relevant to their area of training. THF also encourages entrepreneurial ventures and sessions have been conducted especially for the students with companies like Shell’s Tameer Program among many others.