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Student Mentorship

The Hunar Foundation THF places great emphasis on job placement assistance.

THF recognizes the need for job placement in a difficult environment like Pakistan, where having the necessary skills; knowledge of the job market, and confidence in conducting oneself is essential.

THF student service office advises students and graduates on jobs availability. The office provides the following job placement services:

  1. Information on job opportunities available.
  2. Individualized job placement assistance.
  3. Resume’s, cover letters, interviewing skills and how and where to conduct job searches.

THF has developed contacts with various industries and acquired information on specific job requirements and Vocational Training courses on demand.

Industries and businesses are invited to job fairs.

THF provides basic education, the foundation for learning as well as core technical skills.  The education system must be attuned to the new global environment by promoting creativity and improving the quality of education and training at all levels. Quality vocational education, is available to school dropouts and other young adults, that meets the technical skill needs to the marketplace leading to wage earning capabilities.  Vocational training is one of the quickest and most effective means of alleviating unemployment.